Before You Let the Sun In

And Other Dramatherapeutic Stories

By (author) Katerina Couroucli-Robertson, By (author) Ian Robertson

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  • Publisher : Sphinx Books
  • Published : May 2018
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 288
  • Size : 129mm(w) x 198mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 37656
  • ISBN 13 : 9781912573011
  • ISBN 10 : 1912573016
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Therapeutic case histories covering themes ranging from obesity to depression

This book consists of ten case histories that cover a wide range of themes from obesity to depression. One woman is trying to come to grips with past memories, another cannot escape from a passionate love with no future, an adolescent immigrant is trying to overcome a persistent stammer, a fifty-year-old man decides to separate from the love of his life rather than compromise with his principles. Writing in the first person, the dramatherapist describes her reactions to and interaction with the client as well as some of the techniques used in the therapeutic process. The stories are based on real cases, but in order to conform to the story-telling genre they contain a beginning, middle and end, which is not always the case in real life.

About the author

By (author) Katerina Couroucli-Robertson

Dr Katerina Couroucli-Robertson was born in England and brought up in Greece by her English mother and Greek father. She is a psychotherapist with a PhD in Dramatherapy from Surrey University. She is also a teacher in special education, Head of Studies at the Herma Institute of Dramatherapy and Playtherapy, and an external lecturer at the University of Thessaly. She is the director of a theatre group for V.S.A. Hellas (Very Special Arts) made up of people with and without learning difficulties, and has published numerous articles on Dramatherapy as well as the book 'Before You Let the Sun in', written in collaboration with her husband Ian Robertson, which comprises a collection of stories based on her work as a Dramatherapist.

By (author) Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he studied French and Spanish Language and Literature, and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. He lives in Greece, where he works as a teacher, actor, translator and writer. He has written a number of English Language Teaching books as well as novels, short stories and poems. Recently, he co-authored 'Before You Let the Sun In', which was published in Greek by Nefeli Athens.

Reviews & Endorsements

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Adrian Clark on 31/08/2018

What an extraordinarily interesting and revealing book about the human condition written in a way that is accessible to all and is a thoroughly good read. The ten case studies are unique but there are links between each of them so that the book is more than a sum of its individual stories. All are set in Greece over the past 20 years or so, and the economic downturn sometimes looms large but most of the stories could easily be transposed to and imagined in other settings. I devoured this book on two longish bus journeys.